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Check out our informative blog posts to assist customers in becoming better acquainted with the Crosswalk K-12 and Town Transit transportation solutions! As experts in GPS technology and vehicle tracking, we founded UniteGPS in 2014 to streamline the manner in which school districts and transit agencies run. Using state of- the-art technology, we first developed Crosswalk K-12 that is now being used by more than 50 school districts across the United States. Soon after, we also developed Town Transit for small to medium-sized transportation authorities to take their fleet operations to the next level.

Memo 2: Override Route Selection

The UniteGPS development team has recently created a new feature to streamline last-minute changes or substitutions between drivers known as Override Route Selection. Soon to be released, this fresh technology will make it all the more easier to assign drivers to new temporary routes. For Crosswalk K-12 users, this memo provides a sneak-peak of what

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Memo 1: How to Enable Geolocation

Do you know how to enable both levels of geolocation on Town Transit or Crosswalk K-12? At one time or another out on the field, bus drivers logging into the solutions may encounter the following message on the tablet: Location services are disabled or you have blocked our application from using location services. Location services

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Best COVID-19 prevention practices on public buses

Have you ever considered learning more about the best COVID-19 prevention practices while riding on public buses? Whether you’re a passenger or driver using Town Transit from UniteGPS, it’s more than likely that you’ve crossed paths with somebody wearing a mask incorrectly (better said, ineffectively) while onboard a bus. Perhaps you’ve seen folks with a

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Crosswalk K-12 Reporting Tools

Whether for fiscal reasons or quarterly reviews, school administrators regularly rely on accurate data to effectively manage their bus fleets, hence the need for Crosswalk K-12 reporting tools. The reasons are endless, ranging from gathering gas mileage reports to reviewing driving summaries. To simplify theses often tedious processes, the UniteGPS team has developed various tools

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How to Effectively Use Fleet View

One of the most useful tools in both Crosswalk K-12 and Town Transit is the Fleet View feature. Think of it as a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) made specially for school districts and transit authorities to use in motoring their bus fleets in real-time, whether that be a paratransit van or yellow school bus. No

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Online Field Trip Admin Feature on Crosswalk K-12

More often than not, school field trips are fun opportunities for both students plus faculty to leave campus and burn off some steam. Like, really, who doesn’t love some hands-on learning? Whether visiting a museum, attending a lecture, or watching a performance, classroom excursions are an indelible part of education, even with schools’ COVID-19 contact

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How OpenAPI Benefits Paratransit

Between our team of developers and transit wonks, the UniteGPS team understands how OpenAPI benefits paratransit on Town Transit! We are an innovative bunch around here dedicated to scaling our solutions with the latest technology. Novel API programs are no exception! Meaning Application Programming Interface, this is an easily integrated feature that enables two applications

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Improve Ridership with Town Transit

Out of the 9.9 billion public transportation trips Americans took in 2019, how many of them were taken by disgruntled passengers? How many were forced to wait for delayed buses or trains to show up? While public transportation ridership across the United States has grown by 28 percent since 1995 according to the American Public

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Crosswalk K-12 School Transportation Solution

Imagine being able to convert every aspect of a student’s bus journey into cold-hard data accessible on a cloud-based network. In turn, this is where you’ll have constant access to the latest figures, whether that be gas mileage or attendance. We’re happy to say that this is a reality with the Crosswalk K-12 school transportation

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Integrating Route Data into Crosswalk K-12

Download UniteGPS Implementation Data Excel Form HERE This information is for UniteGPS Crosswalk K-12 customers integrating school data and route data into their systems. The implementation of your solution from this point forward will be very fast and efficient. Once your devices are installed, most of your solution will be implemented in a few days provided

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