A key factor in using our Crosswalk K-12 transit solution to its full potential is parent involvement. After all, they play a pivotal role in the user experience. That’s to say, we made this platform for parents in mind! Just like administrators, parents can also view real-time bus locations, not to mention get updates on field trips.

For new school districts launching our solution for the first time, below is a written example of how to introduce parents to the Crosswalk K-12 parent app. With access to the app, parents can see the arrival of their child’s school bus in real-time.

Achieve parent involvement with Crosswalk K-12

Dear Parents:

XYZ SCHOOL DISTRICT is pleased to announce a new partnership with UniteGPS to upgrade our fleet management system. As we prepare to launch this GPS transit solution, parents will soon be able to view real-time bus locations over any smartphone, tablet, or desktop with an internet connection.

Whether for field trips or morning bus rides, families can look forward to monitoring their children’s bus journey every step of the way. This even includes knowing the speed limit in which the bus is going. Data re-uploads every five seconds, meaning accurate GPS readings are a guarantee. For the best Crosswalk K-12 user experience, we also recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Safari as web browsers .

In the upcoming weeks, parents will receive notification from unitegps13@gmail.com with two links: one to create Crosswalk K-12 login credentials and the other including an account set-up video tutorial. With exciting changes on the horizon, we look forward to your collaboration in this exciting new initiative. In the end, we hope to provide a new level of quality reassurance to families in our school district.