If you’re interested in learning more about driver training reports for Crosswalk K-12, then you’re in the right place. Besides the interactive Stop Check feature, drivers also have access to various reporting tools over our solution including Stop Check Report, Maintenance Inspection, and Request Field Trips. While bus operators will most often be resorting to the Stop Check under Live Maps, these reporting tools can be useful for both research and organizational purposes.

Driver reports: Stop Check

Here is where drivers can review detailed information about each route registered in the school district. Under this falls a complete roster of students assigned per route with boarding and exit times included. In the end, this enables both drivers and administrators to search for students across the community in case they accidentally get on or exit the wrong bus.

Right away, drivers must select the route and specify the date. From there, the system shows the students’ name, vehicle number, drivers’ name, plus pick-up/drop-off times and locations.

Driver training reports: Maintenance Inspection

Both drivers and administrators can conduct pre and post-trip maintenance inspections automatically saved over Crosswalk K-12. In terms of best practices to prevent the spread of coronavirus on school buses, this feature can be super beneficial.

When clicking on New Inspection, the components include:

  • Lights (Head, hazard, directional, clearance, loading, stop arm, brake & tail lights)
  • Emergency Exits (Doors and windows open, buzzer sounds, seal retracts)
  • Suspension (Wheels, rims, hubs, oil seals, lug nuts, tires)
  • Entrance (Door, steps, light, rust damage, hand rail secure)
  • Leaks (Oil, Coolant, Air, Exhaust)
  • Mirrors (Front, left, right, read reflectors, Lettering, Paint Fuel Tank cap secure)
  • Check Fluids (Oil, Coolant, Steering, Transmission, Windshield Washer)
  • Check Other (Belts, Hoses, Wiring, Battery)
  • Seat, seat belt, radio, intercom
  • All gauges and indicator lights
  • Heaters, defrosters, fans, vents
  • Mirrors, windshield & wipers
  • Horn, electric, & air
  • Interior dome lights
  • First Aid, extinguisher, triangles, biohazard
  • Safety Inspection, registration, insurance
  • Steering play with engine running
  • Brake tests
  • Safety equipment, tie-downs, tie-down tracks, wheelchair seat-belts, evacuation equipment, chair lift
  • No students left on bus
  • No articles left behind
  • Seats secure and no vandalism
  • Windows closed, not broken
  • Clean isles, seats, floors, windows, book racks

Field Trip Requests

Not only can administrators file field trip requests over Crosswalk K-12 but also drivers. Information recorded here includes Request ID, Trip Name, Bus Number, Drivers, Number of Students, Date/Time of Departure and Return, Status, as well as Details and the option to edit.

Drivers can also create an event by clicking Trip Request where they’ll proceed to fill out all of the necessary information.