Here is how to update a bus route on Crosswalk K-12!

As you’re most likely well aware, there are numerous methods to create routes on this UniteGPS solution. In our opinion, one of the most efficient techniques is by referring to Manage Routes under Admin in the Dashboard.

Go to Manage Routes from the Dashboard

How to handle Manage Routes

To begin this process, click on Manage Routes where you will see every bus route registered in the system. Some of the data sets include departure time, arrival time, bus number, driver, and data status. From this, it indicates whether or not our system is receiving GPS data from the device installed on the bus.

Press on Manage to change route

PRO-TIP: if the Vehicle Device column says “No,” then you should verify that you’ve assigned the correct bus to the route. Next, inspect the device to ensure that it has been properly installed and has power. When the driver turns on the vehicle, the device should “wake up” from sleep mode and connect to the network. By evaluating the light on the front of the device you can tell its status. Solid red bars indicate a connection to the cellular network and solid triangle indicates the device is able to calculate a GPS fix.

How to update a bus route

Straightforward enough, yet what do you do when it’s time to update or make a new route? How do you inform drivers of the changes? Users can solve these conundrums by clicking the Manage dropdown menu followed by selecting Route Line.

Access Route Line to change the route

Clicking on Route Line will bring you to the general map where the red line represents the planned route while the black line is performed. Just adjust the date and time to pull up the exact route data from your bus. Below we see that both the planned and executed routes synchronize perfectly.

Red line equals planned route and black line equals performed route

Sometimes they don’t match, though, as shown below.

Sometimes they don’t match

In case the red and black lines differ, users can make the planned red line match the black line by clicking Update Route. In turn, this will alter the route and automatically update it for later use, informing drivers of any changes right on the spot.

Each of the white dots with a red arrow in the middle also indicate where the bus stopped somewhere along the journey. Most of the time, these are designated bus stops but sometimes it may be a squirrel crossing the road.

Make a new bus stop by clicking on the white icons

Administrators can create new bus stops by clicking on these icons. However, just make sure you don’t create a stop of where the driver stepped on the breaks for a squirrel to cross!