How to Use the ETA Report on Crosswalk

If you want to know the expected time of arrival for your child’s bus, then be sure to familiarize yourself with the ETA Report on Crosswalk! This write-up will cover the ins and outs of this useful tool on our school transportation solution.

What is the ETA Report?

Meaning time of arrival, this report can certainly provide some peace of mind for both parents and administrators. What this involves is a detailed list of ETAs for each bus stop associated with a route in the school district.

How to use the ETA Report on Crosswalk?

  1. To access this feature, click on ETA Reports under the Reports column in the center of the Dashboard.
You will find ETA Report in the center of the Dashboard

2. From there, we must choose the route of interest on the upper left-hand side of the screen.

Find the route to pull up ETAs

3. Once you select a route, a list of each bus stop will appear on the left with the average ETA in center. Towards the right is also the Drilldown button to see day-by-day arrival times.

Average ETA for each bus stop on selected route shown here

4. Press Drilldown and the following menu will show up, precisely listing arrival times for each day of operation.  Let’s say that your school district had a delay due to inclement weather, a snow day, or perhaps even construction. Our software is smart enough to catch outliers and exclude them, meaning the ETA average won’t be affected. 

Press Drilldown to see day-by-day ETAs

5. Keep in mind that administrators also have the option to print these reports by pressing on the printer button next to the routes.

Press the printer icon to print out the ETA list

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