Hey administrators, below is a quick and easy guide on how to create a route on Crosswalk K-12! Whether you need to make a new route from scratch or edit bus stops, this write-up has all the answers. As a reminder, though, this is a simple two-part process readily available to school districts. First, we need to set-up the route in the system. Let’s take a look:

Create route

1. From the Dashboard, click on Routes & Stops under Admin.

2. Under the Routes tab, click Add Routes to create a brand new one.

3. A window will appear where you write the new route’s name, select the bus plus driver, designate the school, as well as set the departure and arrival times.

Add bus stops

4. Once the route has been configured, press on Route Creator tab on the upper menu where you will make the specific bus stops.

5. Press on the drop-down menu to find the new route that you just created.

6. Click anywhere on the map to pull-up this menu and click Add Stop Here.

NOTE: Whenever you click on the map, this menu will appear. Not only is this where you can add a stop but also: Add School, Add Depot, Add Student Stop, and Search Address. More information below:

Add School: This is where you designate the route’s school by choosing a location from the drop down menu. Districts using Crosswalk K-12 may have multiple schools in the community, so this features helps with organization.

Add Depot: Whether for school buses or maintenance vehicles, this is where school districts can designate a central garage for their fleets. Specifically, larger school districts tend to have multiple bus yards covering large areas. This way, the Add Depot tool allows administrators to assign buses to a “home” location where they’re closest to students. In the end, this helps with speed and efficiency.

Add Student Stop: Manually add a student bus stop by clicking on the desired spot on the map and selecting a name from the dropdown menu. Keep in mind, however, that the new bus stop won’t immediately appear if it differs from the student’s registered home address on Crosswalk K-12. Why? Because every night our system processes the data feed from the school’s information system to update any address changes. So, don’t be confused if you don’t see the bus stop immediately appear at the new location.

Search Address: Another way to create a bus stop is through searching by address rather than clicking on the map. Simply begin typing the address and options will appear below to choose from.

7. For creating a new stop, either leave empty or give it a name followed by pressing save.

8. Repeat the same process for creating the second stop by clicking on the map.

NOTE: Users must manually order the stops in their desired chronological sequence. The system always makes the new stop the second to the last on the list, so it simply needs to be switched by clicking Edit Route.

9. Click on Edit Route to change the bus stop order.

10. Switch the locations on Stops Order by dragging one on top of another followed by clicking Update Stop Order.

NOTE: See how the system measures the Route Distance and Route Duration based on the order of the GPS coordinates!

11. Repeat the same process for making the third stop.

Assign students

12. Now it’s time to add students; click on the respective stop followed by Change Students.

13. Names will appear on the left-hand column; click on the name and then press the green arrow to transfer them over to the right. 

And so on and so forth! From here, each and every type of Crosswalk K-12 user will see the changes.