Download UniteGPS Implementation Data Excel Form HERE

Data integration on Crosswalk tablet
Example of tablet used for Crosswalk K-12

This information is for UniteGPS Crosswalk K-12 customers integrating school data and route data into their systems. The implementation of your solution from this point forward will be very fast and efficient. Once your devices are installed, most of your solution will be implemented in a few days provided we have all the data required.

Step 1

Download the UniteGPS implementation data excel form above. The form contains eight tabs that you may need to complete, depending upon which parts of the solution you are implementing. You will need to complete all columns in green.

  • Tab 1: Vehicles – Vehicle Number or name and the CAN type. The CAN type information is found in the vehicle manual and will allow us to set the correct program to read the engine control unit data from the vehicle. 
  • Tab 2: Routes – Provide the names of your routes for example: Route 11 AM, Route 11 PM, Rooute 11 Mid Day. We need the number or name of the vehicle assigned to the route so we can set-up your baseline routes and stops. We need the start and end time of each route and which schools or other destinations serve each route. Only districts that are planning to implement student tracking or use turn-by-turn directions need to complete the driver field.
  • Tab 3: Users – This is a list of the system users that need immediate access to the system. Most districts will have a few administrative users and will add other users types after the system is up and running. You may add users yourself under the Manage Users feature within an Admin account. Crosswalk K-12 allows the following user types: Administrator, Staff, Driver, Parent, and Mechanic.
  • Tab 4: Schools & Destinations – We need the names and address of each school, destination or address of drivers that bring their vehicle home since these locations serve as critical departure and arrival waypoints. Ideally, if you provide the exact latitude and longitude for each your routes will be more precise. To obtain the latitude and longitude, we suggest using Google Maps satellite view. Simply zoom in and right-click on a precise location. Select “what’s here” from the mini menu that will reveal the latitude and longitude.

Complete Tab 5 only if you plan to implement student tracking or turn-by-turn directions. Otherwise you will not need to provide this information.

  • Tab 5: Students – Provide the First Name, Last Name, School, Student ID, Address, City, State, Zip and email if available.

Complete Tab 6 only if you plan to invite parents to use the mobile app for parents in the next 45 days. Otherwise you will not need to provide this information.

  • Tab 6: Parents – Provide the student IDs associated with the parent in column 1. So, if the parent has three students with student IDs 28, 418 and 912, the student ID column for the parent will show “28, 418, 912.” We use this information to associate each student with the parent. Otherwise, please provide the parents ‘ First Name, Last Name, your district nunber, “Parent” as user type, phone number and language if applicable. UniteGPS is able to issue invitations to parents in multiple languages.

Complete Tab 7 and Tab 8 only if you current use a routing program that has this information. Otherwise you will not need to provide this information.

  • Tab 7: Stops  – Provide a list of all bus stops with a unique ID as well as longitude and latitude.
  • Tab 8: Students by Stop – Provide the student ID, Bus Stop name and unique stop ID if available.

Step 2

Your devices will be activated and shipped. You will then receive an email listing of all of your devices and the assigned vehicle to that device.

Step 3

UniteGPS will coordinate with those responsible for integrating school data into Crosswalk K-12. If you elected professional installers, we will coordinate with them to assure correct installation, network connectivity, and GPS accuracy. Here is a link to our installation guide for the ATrack AK11 device.

Step 4

Routes and Stops: Once the vehicles run their regular routes, our team will create your baseline routes and stops. This process normally takes 1 to 3 days depending upon the size of your fleet.

Step 5

When your routes are complete, UniteGPS will schedule a kick-off call. The purpose of the call is to begin getting your team familiar with the system, open lines of communication, plan implementation of additional features, and schedule a series of training sessions.

Our team looks forward to serving your district and integrating route data into Crosswalk K-12! 


Christopher Bunnell – Chief Executive Officer