UniteGPS – Laramie County School District in Wyoming recently announced plans to heighten driver training following the arrest of a local bus driver for allegedly operating the vehicle while intoxicated. 

Within two to three weeks the district will start to enforce drug and alcohol awareness training to drivers, according to spokesperson Mary Quast. Eventually, the district will also enforce recertification yearly classes for drivers to demonstrate drug and alcohol awareness.

Bus driver DUI in Laramie County

Last week the school district made national headlines when Goshen County authorities arrested David Richard Williams, 60, for both a DUI and having an open container. With a reported blood alcohol content of .159 and two vodka bottles onboard, the incident occurred while Williams was driving high school students to activity in South Dakota.

According to spokesman Sgt. Jeremy Beck from Wyoming Highway Patrol, authorities received reports of a swerving school bus around 5 p.m. on Wednesday on U.S. 85. Trooper Danny Dean Robinett Jr. made the traffic stop, who reportedly approached the bus from the right side only to immediately smell the alcohol when Williams opened the door, according to the affidavit.

In the end, officials from Laramie County School District sent a substitute driver to take over following William’s arrest near Hawk Springs, 60 miles northeast of Cheyenne.