Memo 6: Manage Users on Crosswalk K-12

The Development Team is here to share some recent updates that will enable customers to better manage users on Crosswalk K-12 as well as Town Transit. For this post, though, we’re reaching out to all of the school administrators out there. Whether to add, delete or edit users in the school district, head to Admin on the Dashboard. Once you’re there, click on Manage Users to see these enhancements.

Manage Users on Dashboard

Delete users

For starters, now you can permanently delete users in just a click of a button. This is a major improvement from the previous version of manage users on Crosswalk K-12. Specifically, users were only able to remove other people’s access, meaning old registered emails linked to the former account still lingered in the system. So, when users tried to add them back, complications arose since that person’s email still popped-up.

Edit on Manage Users

Why was this the case? Well, we have historically kept user emails in the system after they were removed since some may users belong to more than one district, particularly parents. If we were to permanently remove the email address, that user would lose access to the other assigned district. This is especially the case with parents who have joint-custody over children.

Change passwords

Moving forward, now users can more easily change and manage their passwords without headache. Back in the day, folks had to call the UniteGPS team for us to manually change passwords. Don’t get us wrong. We love chatting with customers and developing solutions based on their needs. Yet this change will allow administrators to be more autonomous using our system, saving time in the process.

Password change function

On the bottom of this section, you will also see tips to create a strong password. This includes passwords having at least six characters, both lowercase and uppercase, numbers, in addition to punctuation marks. Also try to avoid using the same password as other accounts!

Edit roles

Another major user experience improvement on Crosswalk K-12: now you can easily change roles between Administrator, Driver, Parent, Staff, as well as Staff Admin. Some of you may recall but before there was no ability to edit a user, only the ability to add and remove people from their roles. Simply click on “Manage” followed by “Edit” to see the new and improved menu. Each role appears in the dropdown menu.

Change your role on Crosswalk K-12

Keep in mind, our system still requires one email address to be registered for each role. For example, if Bill Irving is both a Driver and Parent, he will need two separate email addresses registered in Crosswalk K-12 to access both accounts. Why? Because each role involves different functionalities and permissions on the system. Drivers need access to Stop Check Reports, for example, while parents mostly use our system for Fleet View.

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