With the 2021-2022 academic school year already in session across the country, the development team at UniteGPS is pleased to announce a new and improved version of the Maintenance Report on Crosswalk K-12. As you’re about to find out, school districts can look forward to streamlining their pre and post-trip inspection protocol with the following upgrades. Continue reading to find out more!

Customized inspection forms
Here is an example of a customized comment on the inspection form

Soon to be launched over the software, one of the most significant changes on Maintenance Report is the new ability for users to customize inspection forms with their own data fields. That’s to say, school districts can strategically pick and choose what to include on their questionnaires for bus drivers to fill out before and after their run.

In turn, this upgrade allows clients to publish different types of inspection forms for their bus fleets, meaning each type of vehicle can have its own parameters on the software. Along those lines, this same customizable feature can also apply to accident or incident reports, depending on the school district’s needs. Contact our customer service team with the questions you’d like to include and we will then customize the inspection form onto your Crosswalk K-12 account!

Photo upload
The camera and photograph icons are where you can use the new photo upload feature.

Another new aspect of this upgrade is the function to take and attach photos to corresponding questions over the Maintenance Report. Either from tablets or smartphones, drivers can directly document potential bus issues in the report.

Whether drivers encounter graffiti or a rip in the seat, this new feature is intuitive to use for both pre and post-trip vehicle examination.  Simply click on the camera icon to take a photo or photo icon to attach images to an inspection form.

QR code
Simply attach one of these stickers to the back of the bus.

The third upgrade for Maintenance Inspection is the QR codes for post-trip bus inspection. Meaning “quick response,” a QR code is essentially a digital label that can be read on a machine. Typically square with funky geometric designs, this type of barcode contains useful information meant for users, whether that be a link to a restaurant menu or in this case, the end of an inspection.

The premise is that drivers will ensure that no students are left behind by walking down the corridor before scanning the QR code attached to a wall near the rear exit. As a result, this will notify the software and administrators that the post-trip inspection has been fulfilled. Write to us if you’d like to try out the QR codes! We’ll send you stickers to attach at the back of the bus to complete your post-trip inspection forms!

As school districts continue to respond to covid-19 challenges, UniteGPS hopes to make pre and post-trip inspections one less thing for Crosswalk K-12 users to worry about this upcoming school year. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to take advantage of these new features!