The UniteGPS development team has recently created a new feature to streamline last-minute changes or substitutions between drivers known as Override Route Selection. Soon to be released, this fresh technology will make it all the more easier to assign drivers to new temporary routes. For Crosswalk K-12 users, this memo provides a sneak-peak of what to expect.

How to use the Override Route Selection

From the dashboard, first head to the Stop Check.

Click on Stop Check

This will take you to the live map where the new feature is visible.

This is where you will find Override Route Selection

Typically, a driver enters their log-in credentials onto the tablet when beginning their shift and chooses their route to run. Each of these pre-designated routes are tabulated on a dropdown menu. But what if a driver needs to cover a route that’s not on that list? This is where the Override Route Selection feature really becomes handy, especially when drivers need to cover each other.

So, if a driver isn’t assigned to a specific route but suddenly requested to drive it, then definitely use this feature! After you click on the blue Override Route Selection button, a list of every available route within the district will appear. Drivers simply need to select a route to temporarily assign to themselves.

This dropdown menu will provide all of the available routes

Then the system will ask you to confirm the override once you select the route.

Be sure to click yes to confirm

From there, the selected route will be on your list and appear on the map.

The new designated route will automatically appear on the map

Keep in mind that the override will last throughout the day but reset itself every day. Therefore, if a driver is covering a specific route often or semi-regularly, you may as well assign that route to them.