Photo upload capability will soon be part of Maintenance Inspection report for drivers on Crosswalk K-12.

The UniteGPS development team is creating a new feature to permit drivers to upload images as part of the inspection process. All in all, implementing this will support drivers in documenting issues before becoming potential problems.

So, rip in the bus seat? Clean up in the back? Potential vandalism? With Crosswalk K-12’s upcoming photo upload, drivers can anticipate taking a quick snapshot over the tablet to document whatever is thrown their way during a pre and post-trip inspection. 

Initiated by the Sheridan School District in Arkansas, this upgrade will allow other clients to amp up sanitation protocols as a further preventative measure against COVID-19. For many school districts, this tool will also coincide with contact tracing efforts and increased due diligence, especially before and after field trips.

What is on a maintenance report?

The following information are components of a maintenance reports. Drivers simply need to check them off on the list before and after going on their run.

  • Lights (Head, hazard, directional, clearance, loading, stop arm, brake & tail lights)
  • Emergency Exits (Doors and windows open, buzzer sounds, seal retracts)
  • Suspension (Wheels, rims, hubs, oil seals, lug nuts, tires)
  • Entrance (Door, steps, light, rust damage, hand rail secure)
  • Leaks (Oil, Coolant, Air, Exhaust)
  • Mirrors (Front, left, right, read reflectors, Lettering, Paint Fuel Tank cap secure)
  • Check Fluids (Oil, Coolant, Steering, Transmission, Windshield Washer)
  • Check Other (Belts, Hoses, Wiring, Battery)
  • Seat, seat belt, radio, intercom
  • All gauges and indicator lights
  • Heaters, defrosters, fans, vents
  • Mirrors, windshield & wipers
  • Horn, electric, & air
  • Interior dome lights
  • First Aid, extinguisher, triangles, biohazard
  • Safety Inspection, registration, insurance
  • Steering play with engine running
  • Brake tests
  • Safety equipment, tie-downs, tie-down tracks, wheelchair seat-belts, evacuation equipment, chair lift
  • No students left on bus
  • No articles left behind
  • Seats secure and no vandalism
  • Windows closed, not broken
  • Clean isles, seats, floors, windows, book racks