Whether for fiscal reasons or quarterly reviews, school administrators regularly rely on accurate data to effectively manage their bus fleets, hence the need for Crosswalk K-12 reporting tools. The reasons are endless, ranging from gathering gas mileage reports to reviewing driving summaries. To simplify theses often tedious processes, the UniteGPS team has developed various tools for schools to utilize in streamlining services over Crosswalk K-12.

Continue reading to find out more about these dynamic reporting features on this school bus transportation solution!

Route History reporting tool

What does a dispatch officer do when somebody complains about a bus not showing up or perhaps a speeding incident? Well, the Route History feature of Crosswalk K-12 empowers users to analyze every step of the journey. Specify the date range to compare and contrast the planned trip versus the performed trip. With the satellite or standard roadmap presented, this where you can discern how well your drivers follow the pre-planned routes. That’s to say, improvisation and school bus travel don’t go well together.

For starters, the green line represents the planned route while dark purple is the history route and black dots are history points, all of which are described below the drop-down menu. To glean more information, simply select a bus route and specify the time to inspect the trip’s trajectory. Speed is recorded within each five-second increment while orange dots indicate designated stop points. Blue dots represent the schools throughout the district.

Route History example

Especially useful if parents claim the bus arrived late or simply not at all, administrators can verify the bus’ entire journey with second-by-second analysis. Recorded data includes time of arrival, time of departure, idle time, and speed, all for the sake of quality reassurance paired with due diligence. 

As mentioned, another popular use of Route History is verifying whether or not the driver was speeding. Our system records these logistics every five-seconds, so we always have an accurate depiction of speed at any given time. Great for being a little detective and looking out for drivers. Take a look at the Legend below to discern the color-coded speed designations:

Speed key

Vehicle History reporting tool

Similar to Route History, the Vehicle History monitors and gathers data while buses are out performing their runs. Based on this technology, the Crosswalk K-12 software captures data every five seconds, hence the continuous line of arrows along the route. All you need to do is specify the data and time range to pull up this information.

Vehicle History sample

Again, this is yet another form of quality reassurance for administrators in making sure that buses are fulfilling duties, adhering to routes, not to mention following the speed limit . Click on any of the arrows to gather precise data about time of arrival, GPS coordinates, speed, etc. Users can perform searches based on bus number, data, and time in the drop-down menu.

Miles Report reporting tool

Gather daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly mileage reports in this useful feature on Crosswalk K-12. The menu will showcase the entire bus fleet with each vehicle assigned a number. Once again, users will need to designate a date range to find the corresponding mileage by vehicle. Take a look below to see for yourself!

Miles Report example

Towards the right-hand side of the screen, users can also press drill down to analyze day-by-day mileage breakdowns. Remember that data configures based on the specified date range that you previously entered.

Day-by-day mileage on drill down

Even better, administrators can visualize all of these numbers by seeing the plotted trajectories consecutively laid out on a map. Once again, our five-second data readings provide all of the information you need about a vehicle’s mileage. This same reporting Crosswalk K-12 reporting tools capability is also available for school field trips!

Miles Report visual

Stop ETA and Arrival reporting tool

One may compare the Stop ETA and Arrival feature to a virtual bus schedule that can be chosen for any of our clients’ routes. See what time the designated pick-up time is on a run, such as AM Drop Off BKE #3 at Oregon School District.

Stop ETA/Arrival sample

We can see that the bus will arrive at the 1140 Hillcrest Lane stop at 10:15 AM. This is the actual time the bus is stopping based on GPS showing the address of where the bus stopped. With this sort of reassurance, you can make sure that bus drivers are being consistent in their daily drop-off times. Pressing the drill down button will show bus arrival times over the past days.

Driver Report tool

This is a very handy part of the Crosswalk K-12 reporting tools! In case a driver rapidly accelerates or steps down on the break too roughly, these incidents will show up here. 

Sample of the Driver Report tool

Stop Check Report tool

Imagine needing to verify whether or not a student came or left school from the bus. Especially for COVID-19 contact tracing measures, this is where the Stop Check Report becomes mighty useful. In just a few clicks, you can select the bus route to see the daily student roster. Below are students’ names with the time they were picked-up and dropped-off as well as the location at each point.

Example of Stop Check Report

The student’s name and information will show up as red if they are unassigned to a route.